Saudi Arabia has entered into another era of industrial development. This is the era of Hi-Technology application. Market and demand in various line of business today is very promising, especially with the project type and operation & maintenance (including turn around & shut down of industrial plants) in the oil & gas, refineries, utilities (power & water), and communication sectors. The number one client, Saudi Aramco: in its "continuing and long-term expansion program" ( 2006-2010 ), have allocated "billion dollars-capital budget" for various development projects - to modernize all its facilities from exploration and drilling, and up to the refining (Onshore/Offshore); considering the latest technology and state of the art equipment and systems (software and hardware). In this aspect that, Aramco has wide spectrum of business activities requiring more vendors and contractors in all type of industries, including supply of skilled technicians and professional consultants in the process as well as electro-mechanical works.

In the Eastern province: in Jubail Industrial City -- new wave of expansions and advancements are going-on with the Sabic Group. New petrochemical plants & industries are coming up, with several expansions on the existing ones. In this height of development, big companies and investors have decided to joint-venture to support the Royal Commission and Marafiq’s pending program in expanding and developing the whole area of Jubail Industrial City.

With the Joint Operation program by Saudi Aramco and AOC (now formed KJO), have planned to spend billion of dollars in the development (total development of Khafji and AGOC). Also, in Jeddah & Riyadh: wherein several plants are coming-up in the industrial zones, we feel that establishing more private support companies with sincere visions is necessary. We envision that ADVANCED BUSINESS & MODERN TECHNOLOGIES GROUP (ABM) with its various and diversified activities will be the leader on this reform in the private sectors; and share with the effort of the government in developing the economy of the Kingdom, Saudi Arabia.

Further to the above, we have the Power and Communication program by the government. In this aspect, ADVANCED BUSINESS & MODERN TECHNOLOGIES GROUP (ABM) can play a major role in sponsoring top and quality international companies to compete, and eventually train the locals in maintaining those products/systems that would be transferred into the Kingdom.



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