A brief summary of the Al Shoula Holding Company and its patriarch, where Dhahran Global Company for Oil & Gas is one of its subsidiary. From its humble beginning to its current massive projects, Al Shoula Holding company continue to expand and broaden its reach in all industry, diversying itself to meet the ever-increasing demand of the region.



The company was founded in 1970 by the end of series of wars in the Middle East region amidst the ever increasing demand for construction, agrilcutural and communication development.

Al Shoula Group started its business at the beginning of the development in Saudi Arabia. It has started with a small office in the city of Riyadh as a real estate establishment with business interest in construction as well.

Under its present management headed by its incumbent CEO, HRH Prince Abdulaziz Bin Mishal Bin Abdulaziz, the business activities of Al Shoula Holding Group increased and focuses on the following:


Real Estate Development

Al Shoula Group have entered into different ventures with international companies to develop real estate projects like high-rise buildings for residential, commercial, hotels and office use. Some of these ventures are like SAMA Dubai and Al Oula Companies. One of the project highlight to date are the following mega property projects in Saudi Arabia:

  Project Name:   AJMAKAN
  Project Value:   U$D 1.6 Billion


A venture between Al Shoula Holding Group and Tameer Holding and the Land Company of Dubai. AJMAKAN is located at Al-Khozama District in Al Riyadh city upon an area of 1.7 million square meters. It is a complete service commercial area comprised of commercial buildings, villas, palaces, and a five-star hotel complemented with full services; in addition to various facilities and commercial streets ready for entertainment.

Project Name: JEDDAH HILLS
Project Value: U$D 11.2 Billion


Set on a hilltop, JEDDAH HILLS, a Saudi community project, offers views over the surrounding landscape towards the Red Sea, North Jeddah and the Mountains in the East. The 22.86 square kilometre Jeddah Hills project will be developed by Emaar Middle East, a joint venture between the UAE-based Emaar Properties and Saudi-based real estate company Al Oula. The Jeddah Hills community is made up of 24 residential villages, each featuring a broad spectrum of community amenities arranged in a hub-and-spoke model. The property of the Project is divided between Al-Shoula for Commerce and Emaar Middle East.

Project Name: JEDDAH TOWER
Project Value: U$D 2.2 Billion

Project Value: SAR 2.4 Billion


Retail Concepts

Al Shoula shopping malls, which started in Riyadh, were the first of its kind and have branches in several cities in Saudi Arabia


Oil and Gas

Al Shoula Group took a keen interest in the Oil and Gas industry thus the formation of DHAHRAN GLOBAL for Oil and Gas. Dhahran Global is has executed major Oil and Gas projects as well as forming Joint Ventures for drilling contracts with multi national corporations.


Al Shoula Holding Group will still continue to expand its reach in Saudi Arabia and across GCC countries in the field of construction, land development, energy and telecommunications, environmental services, oil and gas.


HRH Prince Mishal bin Abdulaziz (born 1923) is a senior member of the Saudi Royal Family. Replacing full brother, Mansur, on his death, Prince Mishal served as Saudi Arabia's Minister of Defence (1951-1956), then as a Special Advisor to King Saud (1957-1960), and finally, as Governor of Makkah beginning in 1963 before being removed by King Faisal in 1971.

Prince Mishal is a prominent businessman, with substantial investments in real estate, insurance, electrical utilities, oil trading, cement manufacture, etc., and is considered among the most powerful princes in the Al Saud. A close ally of King Abdullah, The prince is younger than than the King, Prince Bandar, and Prince Musa'id but older to Crown Prince Sultan. Prince Mutaib, Saudi Arabia's Minister for Rural & Municipal Affairs, is his only living full brother.





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